How to download and use 8BallRuler v 1.1

How to download and use 8 Ball Ruler

This post will guide you on using the reflector.
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In order to use reflector you must have 8BallRuler 1.1 all the previous versions will not work now. If you don’t have it download it form my PREVIOUS POST. And watch the instructional video to learn the basic control.

  1. So open 8BallRuler and switch to the reflector ( by Pressing “W”)
  2. You should see 4 walls and 2 aimlines ( 1 with a circle ) refer to picture above.
  3. Adjust the 4 wall to the board (Use arrow keys to resize the walls) and re-size the lines (“Z” or “X”) to the size of the balls.
  4. You can save the size to Any Number from 1 to 7 ( By Pressing Ctrl + the number you want save ) to load the saved sizes just press the number where you saved it.
  5. You can’t move both the aimlines, you can only move the line with the circle.
  6. So move the aim line to ball you want shoot. (Right Click on the Line or the Wall you want to hit)
  7. Move the mouse over any of the 4 Walls you will see where the ball is going to go. When the Second aimline is in the hole you want t hit Click the Wall.
  8. Thats it. Now i hope you know what you have to do next. Make the shot so that the aimline in the game is same as the aimline of 8BallRuler.
I hope you understood how to use 8BallRuler’s Reflector.
In the next version I am thinking of making multiple reflections.

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